20 Random Pop Culture Facts That Live Rent-Free In My Head Because They’re That Intriguing

Sarah Paulson and Cate Blanchett were actually drunk when filming a bar scene in Carol: “We were having martinis, and the props guy said: ‘Do you want to go hot?’ So, we went hot — and we learned that the alcohol was real.” 1. Jonathan Bailey gifted his Bridgerton costar Simone Ashley a bee bracelet … Read more

11 Celeb Feuds That Have Been Happily Resolved And 10 That’ll Live On Forever

Who knew that Martha Stewart felt so strongly about Gwenyth Paltrow? There are few things in life we can be certain of: death, taxes, and overly dramatic feuds between celebrities. Some are resolved, some are forgotten, and some are held like grudges for decades. No matter who’s involved, it’s always juicy and petty and we … Read more