Vegetable Rainbow Meatballs will Make Your Mouth Dances Nonstop

Vegetable Rainbow Meatballs will Make Your Mouth Dances Nonstop

TIMESINDONESIA, SURABAYA – Five students of Nahdlatul Ustazah University (Unusa) Surabaya create a new recipe of meatball using the local vegetable. They then so called their meatball recipe as vegetable rainbow meatballs or well known by the local community as veramet.

They aimed to create this recipe to help those vegetarian and also those people who couldn’t easily enjoy vegetable to be able to taste those greenies especially kids.

“It’s good to be served for kids who are picky especially when it comes to veggies, ” Widya, one of the students involved on the meatball making process on Thursday (24/9/2020).

These meatballs were made from local veggies. As its name, it’s made with various colors which enhance its flavors. For instance green meatballs were made of spinach or broccoli. As well other colors that are made from beet root, carrots, turmeric, or purple sweet potato.

Widya also claimed that the meatball contains lots of nutrition such as zinc which take role in child growth, which means it could eliminate the number of stunting case in the country.  

“These vegetable rainbow meatballs keep you away from anemia and makes you consume more vegetables without you even notice, ” Widya, the student of Unusa Surabaya explained. (*)