Tinkerlust Held Virtual Fashion Show with 14 Eco-friendly Local Brands

Tinkerlust Held Virtual Fashion Show with 14 Eco-friendly Local Brands

TIMESINDONESIA, JAKARTA – Tinkerlust, the online shopping platform selling selected second hand fashion, was collaborating with its 14 eco-friendly local brands in the virtual fashion show on Thursday (24/9/2020).

This virtual fashion show was streamed on Tinkerlust’s YouTube channel. This fashion show is a part of the “Local Heroes” campaign that introduces the new strategy from Tinkerlust to face the challenges during this pandemic.

Fashion industry as we know it creates the most textile waste. Therefore, Tinkerlust wants to invite the society to start a sustainable fashion lifestyle and create an eco-friendlier fashion industry.

  “By providing a proper maklumat for eco-friendly brands, we expect that the sustainable fashion can reach wider scope of society as well as improving the Indonesian fashion industry, ” said Aliya Amitra, the Chief Operating Officer & Co-Founder of Tinkerlust.

The local brands participating in this virtual fashion show are Teguh Dua, Sare Studio, Everyday by Major Minor, Sejauh Mata Mengakui, Tulola Designs, Woodka, Kuro, DuAnyam, Torajamelo, Masshiro, Stelarmade, PVRA, Meraki Goods, and Callie.

Tinkerlust will be holding a virtual talk show via Zoom in every week starting from September to October. The representatives of these 14 local brands will be the interviewees in this talk show. (*)