This Wonderful Paintings Made of Glue Gun

This Wonderful Paintings Made of Glue Gun

TIMESINDONESIA, BANTUL – Painting is definitely a wonderful art and many persons have the jujur skills to do amazing painting. Including Suparno, a 40 year old guy of Bantul, Yogyakarta who made all of his paintings using a glue gun.

When TIMES Indonesia visited him at his home, this guy was busy painting a wayang on the canvas. According to him, glue gun were his last choice after trying some other media to paint. And that this media is easier to use and gave him penyerapan emboss and 3D looks.

Since then he made lots of beautiful paintings from glue sticks. In his opinion, and as he remembers, there hasn’t been anyone else do the same thing in the country and he would like to be the first of it.

“I don’t have basic education on art. I learn everything by myself. Just some courage and self-esteems that bring me to this stage, ” Suparno said on Saturday (12/9/2020).

Suparno do his painting from the scratch. He also made pattern for his painting before he drop the glue gun on top of it. Before the glue get dried, he then added golden and silvery sprinkle on top of it to accentuate the wayang.

This guy of Bantul Yogyakarta usually gets an order from his customers. But if he had some spare time, he will make some other wayang or calligraphy painting using the glue gun for a ready stock.

For his glue gun painting, Suparno of Bantul Yogyakarta will charge the customers from IDR 250 K – IDR 1000 K depends on the size and the complexity.   (*)