Semilir Beach of Tuban, Your Next Destination During Your Vacation

Semilir Beach of Tuban, Your Next Destination During Your Vacation

TIMESINDONESIA, TUBAN – Located at Socorejo, Jenu, Tuban, East Java, Semilir beach has become a trending topic recently on the internet. The beauty of its ambience in every occasion has attracted people to pay some more attention or even visit this beach.

This beach has a pure white sand cast stretched around the beach. This place also offers a picturesque and breathtaking sunset and twilight scenery that will satisfy your sore eyes. The lush of pine trees surrounding the shore makes this beach even look more beautiful.

The management of the beach also has some tend or hammock to rent. You could spend your night admiring the beautiful summer sky with all the stars glittering above while listening to the beautiful secluding sound of the wave. This beach also has a small salt water lake next to the beach which is quite jaw-dropping.

You could visit this beach for free. However this beach is quite seclusive since there are no much people visiting this place either in weekdays or weekend. This beach normally will only welcome around 40 to 70 guests on those days. “It’s a cool place. The wind breeze and the pure white sand are amazing, ” Laili Maulidyah, a local visitor said on Thursday (17/9/2020).

In the meantime the local management planned to add more attractions and facilities for the visitors such gandar some shades or gazebo, rest rooms, and some small place for prayers. The management also hope that in the future, Semilir Beach could become an iconic tourist destination in Tuban. (*)