Mount Bromo will be Reopened in a Few Days

Mount Bromo will be Reopened in a Few Days

TIMESINDONESIA, PROBOLINGGO – Mount Bromo was planned to be reopened in a few days. The local government planned to open it on August 28 2020. This was aimed to refresh the economic condition of the city through tourism.

“We decided to reopen Bromo and Tengger tourism on August 28 200 at 13. 00 (local western time) for public, ” The Head of Balai Luhur Taman Nasional Bromo Tengger Semeru (BB  TNBTS) John Kenedie said on Tuesday (25/8/2020).

The place will be reopened gradually. They planned to limit the number of visitors to only 20% of they usually take. “It’s all depend on the situation, if it’s clear enough then we will raise the number of visitor to 30%, 40% and then 50%, ” he added.  

He also said that if in the future there will be new cluster of Covid-19 formed on their area, they will willingly consider to close the park for temporary for their own safety.

Meanwhile, to avoid the issue, the management of Bromo has provided the visitors with adequate facilities to bugar the new protocol standard. And if they choose to be  ignorant the management planned to fine them and make them pay for some price. (*)