MAN 1 Gresik Won Indonesia International Invention Festival 2020

MAN 1 Gresik Won Indonesia International Invention Festival 2020

TIMESINDONESIA, GRESIK – Several students of MAN satu Gresik managed to won the first place at Indonesia International Invention Festival 2020.   They brought up a new way to put the fish under their conscious while they are on their delivering way with natural local resources.

Those students are Ibrahim Al khowwas, Maya Hasfhoh Nur Rohmatul Haq, Siti Fathimatuz Zahro, Agika Rahmah Putri, and Febi Auliyah Duwi Insani. “We are so proud of them. They have brings their school name to the higher kelas, ” The Head of local Ministry of Religious Affair Office, Ahmad Zayadi said on Monday (21/9/2020).

On this competition, those students had managed to set aside another 48 groups of nominee that join the competition.   The competition was held for 3 days on September 16-19 2020.  

Zayadi also said that their achievement could become a booster for another students and schools to hold some beneficial research that will help people around the world to have an easier life.  

During the competition the students takes “Fish Anesthetic with Closed Transportation Method Based on Oxidized Hyoscyamin Compounds in Amethyst Extract (Datura Metel) As Analgesic And Saporific Drugs” as their main subject.  

This research about a proper way to give anesthetic on fish with amethyst extracts. In the future, the students of MAN 1 Gresik which won Nusantara International Invention Festival 2020 hope that this research could help people around the world in taking care of their fish during delivery using natural resources such as amethyst. (*)