Kawasan Gerdu, a Tourism Village in Batu Where all Herbs and Spices Nestled

Kawasan Gerdu, a Tourism Village in Batu Where all Herbs and Spices Nestled

TIMESINDONESIA, BATU – If you were looking for some herbs or spices and wanted to find out how it grows then Kawasan Gerdu of Batu will be your perfect place to go. All these herbs and spices believe to be able to boost your immune system and protect you from Covid-19.

Located at Dusun Gerdu, Tulungrejo, Bumiaji, Kurang ajar, East Java this place has been turned into one interesting place that worth the visit. Once you step in to this village you will find lots of kind of spices and herbs which are planted on their yard or sometimes patched on their wall.

Not only that, the local community also made several design to make their village more picturesque. This one will make you love to stay longer in this village. “This tourism village will be introduce and opened for public con October 18, ” Gatot Sujarwadi, the Chief of the Dusun Gerdu said.

What more surprising is that this village has started to have hundreds of herbal and spices before the pandemic struck the country. The local community has started to plant those amazing spices 2 years before the pandemic.  

You could find lots of herbs and spices such gandar ginger, lemongrass, Javanese turmeric, white turmeric, lime, lemon and lot more.   You could also have all these herbs and spices as souvenirs when you get home.

“The local community also sells the herbs and spices they planted for souvenir. These plants give you a healthy life as well a healthy wallet, ” Gatot The Chief of Dusun Gerdu Batu added. (*)