How People Around the World Called Avocado

How People Around the World Called Avocado

TIMESINDONESIA, JAKARTA – Avocado is a common fruit you could find anywhere in the world. This fruit is native to Central and South America. And by late 17’s century this fruit was brought by Spanish merchant to Indonesia.

This creamy thick consistency fruit has enchanted people around the world with its taste after combined with some other ingredients. When it stands alone it will give you peduli underwhelming plain creamy taste. But when it mixed with other ingredients, boom!!! You will feel like an angel is kissing your mouth.

Little did you, people around the world has their own way of calling this fruit. In Indonesia, this fruit is called alpukat, apokat, or pokat. The Aztec name for avocado was ahuacatl , funnily enough meaning “testicle. ” The Aztecs revered the avocado as a fertility fruit and as an aphrodisiac.

In Spanish this fruit called as aguacata , aguacate, aguaco, ahuaca, cura, pagua, palta, or persea . The English and in some US state countries called it the alligator pear for some specimen that has a rough skin similar those green alligator hides in swamp.

Abacate   is the way they say it in Brazil. Abacateiro   is the most common word used in Galizia. It can be utilized both for fruit and tree. Ahuakateondoa   is how they call in the Basque Country language.

Meanwhile, alvocat   is the term that they use in Catalonia when talking Catalan. Avocat   is the word that French pronounce when they want to say that they to have some avocado when they happen to be in the grocery store.

However, Avocado  is the most common way to call this fruit. This is the preferred term in English, but in is also used in Italian, Turkish, Africaans, Slavic Languages, such as Russian or Languages from the Balcans, Greek and Albanian. (*)