Grand Dafam Signature Surabaya and Signature EO for Your Marvelous Wedding

Grand Dafam Signature Surabaya and Signature EO for Your Marvelous Wedding

TIMESINDONESIA, SURABAYA – Wedding has always been an awaited moments by the lovely couple. Sometimes people even get cold feet during their precious time and this is what Grand Dafam Signature Surabaya and Signature Event Organizer trying to overcome.

Wedding anxiety could happen to anyone in this world. Things you need to prepare during your wedding from the smallest to the biggest one could drive you crazy. Grand Dafam and Signature Event Organizer held You& I Wedding Showcase to answer the issue.

The wedding showcase was followed by several EO such as   Signature Event Organizer, Sincero Organizer, Bie Hin, Houe of Lea, Elisahan, Flouriedust, Mocca Productio, MA Fotografia, Flos Design, Lumos Lighting, Lanny’s Cake, Le Ciel Design, and Tri Sound.

“We came up with a new innovation of wedding party that fit to the new situation we have right now, ” Rio Tan, the founder of Signature Event Organizer said on Sunday (13/9/2020).

  Bit different o their regular concept, Granda Dafam and Signature EO will make the wedding party time shorter. They will also cut 2 of their wedding menu into only six of it. The most striking thing will be the new hygiene protocol for all the staff and guests of the wedding.

The hotel will start with touchless thermal scanner, and then ask them to use touchless hand sanitizer. The guests will be asked to wear a mask all the time during the party. So, what do you think? Don’t miss a lifetime moment to get peduli unforgettable wedding party at Grand  Dafam Signature Surabaya. (*)