Get a Nice Taste of Yoris and Vioche, a Herbal Drink of Pacitan


TIMESINDONESIA, PACITAN – Pacitan seems has thousands of local product on the rise. Including Yoris   and  Vioche, a local herbal drink which made of local herbs and spices. This drinks believed to have health properties which will boost your immune.

The drinks compose dof local herbs and spices such as ginger, Javanese turmeric and turmeric itself. Thoufh it smell weird, the taste doesn’t follow the smell. It will taste refreshing and nice.  

A customers gaya with Yoris and Vioche of Pacitan. (Photo: Yoris dan Vioche for TIMES Indonesia)

“We started the business since four years ago. We start it from the bottom with the local community as our target, ” the Owner of Yoris and Vioche,   Dwi Puji Astuti said on Sunday (28/3/2021).  

It’s one achievement for them to be in this stage right now. Dwi said that she was so grateful that now people starting to find their product as one of their choice favorite choice.

Dwi Menghargai made the the herbs and spices into powder and pack them on a paper bag. “We didn’t add anything to it. It’s pure only local herbs and spices, ” Dwi Puji added.

Yoris and Vioche has several variant of taste. It’s Yoris Gula Enau, Yoris Kunir Gula Aren, Yoris Temu Lawak Gula Aren.   Meanwhile for the Vioche it has Vioche Jahe Merah Original, Kunir Original dan Vioche Temu Lawak Original.  

Yoris  and  Vioche  was produced at Barang RT 04 RW 04 Arjowinagun,   Pacitan, East Java. You could have the herbal drinks at Bulevar Veteran No. 2 Pacitan starting from IDR 15 K to IDR 50 K/pax.   (*)