Find Your Ultimate Rattan Wickers at Ilham Gallery Malang

Find Your Ultimate Rattan Wickers at Ilham Gallery Malang

TIMESINDONESIA, MALANG – Malang seems become a city with a complete package of everything in one. Little did you know, this city also has rattan wickers corner located at Jalan Raya Bale Arjosari, Malang, East Java which well known by Ilham Gallery.

Ilham Gallery has every single wicker made of rattan from kitchen utensils until furniture. The workshop located not fr from the gallery even gives an astonishing neat pile of wickers.

“I mostly made baskets for hampers or souvenirs. Sometimes I made room divider, pot, and one at a time I also make some furniture like a set of table and its chairs, ” Beni, a worker at Ajaran Gallery said.

He also said that the rattan used was brought from Kalimantan. The rattan will be cut in certain size and length with a baru device. Beni makes the wicker from it and then paints it as the color he likes.

The wicker then dried under the sun and repainted for the second time with special pint to accentuate the color. “The maintenance is very easy, you can wash it with the regular soap you have in your house, and then dry it under the sun, ” Beni added.

Wicker is such a perfect choice for those eco-friendly minded. Just like Nita, a loyal customer who prefer to use rattan than any other natural-based products. “When they make rattan wicker, there is no tree need to be cut, ” Nita said.

Ilham Gallery of Malang gives you hirau interesting price for all their rattan wickers. You could have them for IDR 10-150 K per piece. Rattan will surely made your house look even better. (*)