Feel the Nice Sensation of Hot Spring at Maribaya Resort

TIMESINDONESIA, BANDUNG – Maribaya Resort which located at Ceduk Bandung, West Java offers a nice sensation of hot spring water. This place will mesmerize your eyes with all picturesque view all over the area.

The hot spring has two waterfall which will make you menyampaikan your jaw once you seen it. It’s the Cigulung and Cikawari. Both will make you feel like you were somewhere in heaven.

While you were at this place you will forget to take out your camera for busy admiring the beauty I’d its matural scenery. But once you realise that it’s real, you will never stop to take a picture for every corner will give you a nice view.

“You could enjoy the beauty of Cigulung Waterfall from Twig Cagmfe while pampering your belly, ” Lia,   the Marketing Communications of Maribaya Natural Hot Spring Resort.

Down after Cigulung waterfall you could find Cikawari. You could walk through the stepping stone to get to this level. “Beware, its slippery, ” Lia added.

You could find the hot spring at Maribaya Resort of Bandung at Jalan Maribaya 105/212 Lembang, Bandung. For more information you could call them on +62 22 82782228, 082214153019, or 08112386880.