Enjoy All Natural Beauties Baban Besar Beach Offers

Enjoy All Natural Beauties Baban Besar Beach Offers

TIMESINDONESIA, PACITAN – Baban Gede Beach is newtourist destination located in Sidomulyo, Pacitan, East Java. This beach offers the beauty of natural scenery around along with dozens of small island lies across the beach.

To get to this place you could drive for 30 minutes from the city center.   However, the access needs a little bit improvement since you will get lots of bumpy road before reaching your destination.

However, for nature beauty seekers, this won’t be an obstacle. They keep visiting this place regardless the bad access and lack of public facilities.

But now, you might allow having some smile on your face because the local government has put more attention to this beach. They started to build new public facilities and fix the road for an easier access.

Some people would go to this beach for fishing. Lots of them coming to the reef and lure the rod there. Some even would pitch a tent while spending their time witing for the fish eating their bait.

“We open our door for all stakeholders that willing to invest for this beautiful beach, ” Sugianto, The Chief of Sido Makmur Village, Pacitan, East Java  where Baban Gede Beach lies said on Tuesday (22/9/2020). (*)