Depresso, Your Anti-Depressant App

Depresso, Your Anti-Depressant App

TIMESINDONESIA, MALANG – Depression is such a big issue in all over the world nowadays. The lack of faith on themselves leads them to depression and sometimes lead them for suicide. Some people even need to see a psychiatrist to solve their issue. However, before seeing your doctor it’s good for you try Depresso, your anti-depressant app.

Three geniuses from State University of Malang (UM) create an app to help those people suffer for depression. This app has a chat room that you could use to share your thought and your entire burden you keep in mind.     

Those three Einteins are graduate students of Enginering Faculty of State University of Malang (UM). They are Maftuh Ahnan, Muhammad Ferdyan Syach and Muhammad Rafli Muharom Rukantala.

“It’s one of my concern towards those people suffer for depression. The chat room was made for them to share their stories and from then its hope that they could support one another,” Ahnan said.

They planned to bring Depresso to take a part on National Student Science Week which will be held not more than 2 months from now. Up until now, they still working on some progress on this anti-depressant app. They planned to be launched it to public on October 2020. (*)